M4T4 - Made For What You Train For ®

We at M4T4 Incorporated believe that the concept of training, or being Made For What You Train For®, is not specific to sports and fitness. From first breath we are in training. In training to walk and talk; to read and write; everything that one seeks to accomplish in life, there is an element of training involved. Those with an innate ability to do great things become even greater through training; allowing themselves to learn and be even more than what those innate abilities would dictate.

The message within Made For What You Train For®, along with the question, "What Are You Made For?" extends beyond playing fields and running routes; beyond marathons, triathlons, and mud runs. It is in classrooms and boardrooms, in cubicles and construction. It's every where that you are and everywhere you are wanting to go.

M4T4 is as an element; written from the periodic table of elements. It has been here in abundance as long as humanity but it is only now that it's  richness and wealth is realized. Our logo is that element; a representation of you. A representation of you in academia, at work, or in the gym. You are M4T4 as you would define it specific to your goal(s). What Are you Made For? That is for you to train for and define. Train for sport, train for life.


President, CEO